Please! Step into my humble hovel.

Welcome to my sandbox, my playground, the maze of my meek yet twisted mind! I try to keep it tidy, just in case someone important drops by, but so very few stop by to visit my modest hermitage.

Regardless, since you are here, step inside, the mid-day sun can be brutal here in this part of the Beyond. I'll offer you a fine libation and some breads and cheeses! There you go, not so bad eh! Sorry, meant to dust that off, here, please, take this chair, stay a while and read through the things I've discovered in my journeys. I hope they entertain you, and if not you, maybe you can pass them on to another? You never know, what you glean from reading my meager collection of notes may serve you well in your adventures around the Ninth World, and possibly elsewhere...


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This is a fan site related to the works of Monte Cook Games (MCG), most notably the role playing game Numenera. Missives for other games will follow as I explore them. If you are interested in the key game publications they can be purchased at your classier favorite local game store (FLGS) or directly from Monte Cook Games in manual pulp paper technology (books) or datasphere (PDF) editions at


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I am also a MCG Asset Team member for the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada region. If you want a game demo, are holding a local Con or need other information please feel free to message me.
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